October 27, 2021


1991 Conference 

Medical Concerns/For Educators


Effects on Adults of Prior Family Functioning

Mainstreaming Education


Parenting for Positive Self-Esteem


Precocious Puberty and Growth in Children with Spina Bifida


Financial Management for Families with Spina Bifida


1992 Conference

Successful Fundraising for Your Chapter


Is There Life After High School for Young People with Spina Bifida?


1993 Conference
New Approaches to the Management of Intractable Fecal Incontinence




Letting Go:  Preparing Your Teen for Independence


Genetics in Spina Bifida, An Update


Learning Issues in the Person with Spina Bifida


Medical, Educational, Psycho/Social Issues for the Older Adolescent/Adult with Spina Bifida


Life and Estate Planning for Persons with Disabilities


Opening the Treasure Chest - Effective Fundraising


Balancing the Family System and Specific Needs


Relationship Between Spina Bifida and Attention Deficit Disorder


Bladder Stimulation Therapy


SSI and Medicaid


Getting What You Need from the Schools


Pediatric Management


Bowel Program for Infants and Pre-School


Bowel Program for Teens
1994 Conference
A Parent’s Perspective on Independence


Young Adult/Adult:  Managing Secondary Conditions/Advocacy & Adult Clinic


Life Estate Planning for Persons with Disabilities


Parent Empowerment


Now is the Best Possible Time to Have Spina Bifida


Chapter Development:  Latex Allergy Update:  Working with Your SBA Chapter on Promoting a Latex-Free Environment in Your Community


Educational Considerations for Students with Spina Bifida


Family Professional Collaboration:  Enhancing Understanding of Spina Bifida Through Relationships


National Handicapped Sports Program


Supporting the Young Child in Age-Appropriate Development


Letting Go:  Preparing Your Child for Independence


Latex Allergies, Home, School, and Medical Environment


1995 Conference
Moving On:  Parenting Styles & Your Child’s Independence


Fathers Only:  Challengers Confronting Fathers


1996 Conference
Adult/Young Adult Track:  Issues Women with Spina Bifida, Medical, Health & Fitness Parts I and II


Sexual Abuse and Disability Awareness for Persons with Disabilities


State Federal Legislative Update: Part I and Part II


Beating the Blues: Strategies for Early Detection & Prevention of Depression
in Your Child & Yourself


The Challenges of Changing Families: Single Parenting & Step-parenting in Today’s World


Program for Transition: Bootie Camp & Independence Camp


Identifying, Expressing and Validating Your Feelings When Your Child Has a Disability


Advocacy & Empowerment:  Influencing Policy Makers within the 104th Congress


Model for Prevention for Secondary Conditions: Training Program: Adults with Spina Bifida


Peer Training for Self-Advocacy:  An Analysis of Its Effectiveness and Benefit


Redirection Interaction: Practical Management Strategy Students Attention
Deficit Disorder
Parts I and II


Adult/Young Adult Track:  Challenges of Employment, Under-Employment for Persons with Spina Bifida


Genetic Testing and Its Impact on Ethnic and Minority Groups


Endocrinology, Short Stature, and Precocious Puberty


Skin Care - Prevention and Management of Pressure Sores


Transition From Secondary School to Post Secondary School


The Latex Story Continued


Transition to Independence:  Overview & Introduction of Self-Determination Curriculum Modules


Understanding and Developing the Individual Educational Planning


Developing and Enhancing Self-Esteem in Your Adolescent       


ADA - Emphasis on Schools


Addressing Motor Development and Fitness in the Inclusive Physical Education Environment


Interest and Cyberspace for Persons with Disabilities


Team Approach to Feeding Children with Spina Bifida


Adults/Young Adult Track:  Working Out with Spina Bifida Physical Fitness/Recreation


Designing a Surveillance Systems for the Secondary Conditions of Spina Bifida


2001 Conference
Fathering in a Family with a Special Needs Child


Legal Issues for Charitable Organizations


Future and Special Needs Planning for Persons with a Disability


Depression and Anxiety in Individuals Who Have Spina Bifida


Bowel Management:  A Systematic Approach for Continence


SSI Employment Support


Managing the Challenges for Nonverbal Learning Disabilities


The Presence of Learning Disabilities in People With Spina Bifida


Pioneer-Survivors:  Insights on Childhood Resilience by the First Generation
of Adults with Spina Bifida


SSDI Employment Support


Managing Your Child’s Healthcare Records

General Health Issues of Adults with Spina Bifida