October 27, 2021
Accessible Gardening for People with Physical Disabilities -
A Guide to Methods, Tools, and Plants by Janeen R. Adil

Provides expert and practical knowledge needed for designing, planting, and maintaining a garden that fits your special needs.

The Americans with Disabilities Act - From Policy to Practice edited by Jane West

This book describes the “research-based knowledge in the areas of prevention of disease and disability and the allocation of resources for health care, in order to assist people in the private and public sectors to implement the act.”

Becoming More Than One (Insights to Intimacy and Beyond)
by Georgia R. Delano

This book, written by a woman born with spina bifida, is about her experiencing motherhood - from pregnancy through mastering early childhood management.

Beyond Separate Education - Quality Education For All
by Dorothy Kerzner Lipsky and Alan Gartner

Passed in 1975, the Education for All Handicapped Children (PL 94-142) granted access to education for all handicapped children. This book discusses “the mission of PL 94-142 in its second decade of implementation - the refashioning of schools to make them special and effective for all students.

Brothers and Sisters - A Special Part of Exceptional Families
by Thomas H. Powell & Peggy Ahrenhold Ogle

In this book, the authors describe their work with brothers and sisters who have a handicapped sibling. Their work has included research, and the providing of services to siblings and their families. The book should provide insight into the experiences and needs of children and adults who have a handicapped sibling.

Children with Handicaps - A Medical Primer
by Mark L. Batshaw, M.D. and Yvonne M. Perret

This book is a comprehensive text about the medical aspects of handicaps in children. Written for professionals and parents, it is easy to understand and written in a clear, absorbing style.

Children with Physical Disabilities by Paula Halliday

This book provides an examination of the education and management of physically disabled young children. “Two sections discuss general and special issues of disability and placement in the school as well as effects in curriculum and extra-curricular provisions.

Children with Spina Bifida: A Parent’s Guide
edited by Marlene Lutkenhoff, R.N., M.S.N.

“In one comprehensive volume, Children with Spina Bifida provides parents with up-to-date information and empowering emotional support.”

Disability and the Family: A Guide for Decisions for Adulthood
by Rutherford Turnbull III Enabling Romance by Ken Kroll & Erica Levy Klein

This book is an illustrated guide to intimacy and sexual expression for persons with disabilities.

Family Functioning and the Habilitation of the Child with Myelodysplasia by Carolyn Sara Roberts

This book is based on a research project conducted in Michigan, which studies the relationship between family functioning and the acquiring of daily living skills by children with myelodysplasia.

Financial Aid for the Disabled and Their Families, 1990-1991
by Gail Ann Schlachter and R. David Weber

A comprehensive listing of scholarships, fellowships, loans, grants and awards for the disabled and members of their families. The book also includes State Sources of Benefits and Reference Sources on Financial Aid.

Flying Without Wings - Personal Reflections on Being Disabled
by Arnold R. Beisser

At age 25 the author contracted polio. This book “describes his search to make a new life and find meaning for himself, without at first, knowing even where or how to begin”.

Free in the Water by Carin Carney

A manual on teaching people with Spina Bifida to swim.

Games, Sports and Exercises for the Physically Handicapped
by Ronald C. Adams, Alfred N. Daniel, Jeffrey A. McCubbin and Lee Rullman

This book describes different handicapping conditions and the various kinds of exercises that are appropriate for each type of handicap.

A Guide for Helping the Child with Spina Bifida
by Gary J. Meyers, M.D., Sharon Bidwell Cerone, R.N., M.S.N. & Ardis L. Olson, M.D.

This book, written for parents, health care providers and educators, is an account of the problems encountered by parents and their children with Spina Bifida, and is most suitable for persons with some knowledge of Spina Bifida who may be interested in learning about Spina Bifida in general, or a specific topic in particular.

Health Care Financing: A Guide for Families by Julie Beckett

This guide has been prepared to aid families of “children with special health care needs
(i.e., children with handicaps, disabilities, chronic conditions and health-related educational
and behavioral problems)” in understanding and using the current system for delivering and financing of health care.

A House for all Children - Planning a Supportive Home Environment for Children with Disabilities by Richard V. Olsen, PhD, B. Lynn Hutchings, M. Arch., Ezra Ehrenkrantz, F.A.I.A.

“Provides guidelines for creating a safe and supportive home environment for children with disabilities.”

Living with Spina Bifida: A Guide for Families and Professionals by Adrian Sandler, Peter Bedick Management of the Neurogenic Bowel and Bladder by Warren Chapman, M.D., Margaret Hill, R.N., David B. Shurtliff, M.D.

This book describes and explains the normal and abnormal anorectal and urinary tract sphincter function for the purpose of helping families with children born with neurologic or anatomic abnormalities of urine and stool control mechanism.

Managing Physical Handicaps - A Practical Guide for Parents, Care Providers and Educators by Beverly A. Fraser and Robert N. Hensinger

The purpose of this book is to serve as a guide for people (parents, health care workers, teachers) who on a daily basis deal with seriously physically handicapped children and young adults. The book primarily focuses on the managing of physical handicaps, specifically those of physically impaired students who attend special education school programs at the Riley School in Michigan.

Meeting the ADD Challenge - A Practical Guide for Teachers
by Steven B. Gordon and Michael J. Asher

A guide for teachers in dealing with Attention Deficit Disorder

Meeting the Challenge of Disability or Chronic Illness - A Family Guide
by Lori Goldfarb, Mary Jane Brotherson, Jean Ann Summers, Ann P. Turnball
An inspiring book written for families which has ideas, suggestions, practical advice and exercises for dealing with stress and for building a support network. Also serves as a tool
 for family problem solving.

Meeting Special Needs in Ordinary Schools by Seamus Hegarty

This book “serves as an introduction to the field of special needs, puts the educational options currently available in context, clarifies the thought behind emerging development, outlines what the proposed school reform entails in practice, and documents ways in which schools can be supported in educating pupils with special needs.”

Motherhood Magnified by Jill Rose Ford

This book “offers inspiring parenting stories from a fresh affirming perspective that captures the unique challenges of raising a child with special needs” New York State Genetics Services Directory A listing of genetics services available throughout New York State. The Official Parent’s Source Book on Spina Bifida Health

One Miracle at a Time - A Guide for Parents of Disabled Children
by Irving Dickman and Dr. Sol Gordon

This book, based on the experiences of hundreds of parents of disabled children, provides much valuable information on the various aspects of obtaining help for a disabled child, insights into the realities of raising a disabled child, the feelings involved, successful ways of finding help and what worked for parents and what did not work.

Ourselves and Our Children by the Boston Women’s Health Book Collective

A book about parents from pregnancy through becoming parents of grown-up children. Also includes chapters on step parenting and finding help from formal and informal sources.

A Parents Guide to Spina Bifida by Beth Ann Bloom and Edward Selijeskog, M.D.

This book explains more about Spina Bifida, and provides assistance to parents and relatives in understanding the medical information and facts available about Spina Bifida and the conditions associated with the disorder .

Parents Speak Out - Then & Now by H. R. Turnbull III & Ann P. Turnbull

This book is “a collection of powerful stories that describe how those who sought help for persons with disabilities and their families, and those who tried to provide it, met with a mixture of success and failure.”

Pre-School Provision for Children with Special Needs by Brenda Robson

This book examines the integration of preschool-age children with special needs into ordinary pre-school units. Staffing, the role of parents, recording-keeping and assessment and professional support services are some of the topics covered in the book.

Raising a Child Who has a Physical Disability by Donna G. Albrecht

“Parenting a child who has a physical disability can be complicated. This book will make your job easier. Compassionate, helpful and based on real-life experience, it will help you handle every facet of raising and loving your special child...”

Raising the Exceptional Child by Lawrence Zuckerman and Michael T. Yura

This book deals with the problems faced by parents of an exceptional child (a child who has a physiological or intellectual problem). The book discusses the disabilities of exceptional children and provides help to parents in handling any behavior problems. The book also presents information on how to help a child achieve a sense of self-esteem and self-discipline.

Self-Esteem: A Family Affair by Jean Illsley Clarke

This book discusses the importance of self-esteem by utilizing various types of family settings and describing ways in which self-esteem can be nourished for both the parents and the children.

The Source for Nonverbal Learning Disorders by Sue Thompson

This book is “an important and valuable work that demystifies the nature and needs of the child with nonverbal learning disabilities”.

A Step Further by Joni Eareckson and Steve Estes

This book by Joni Eareckson, who as a teenager was left a quadriplegic as a result of a diving accident, continues the story of her life confined to a wheelchair. She describes how God has been instrumental in helping her deal with her handicap.

Teaching the Student with Spina Bifida (book and video) edited
by Fern L. Rowley-Kelly, M.S.W. and Donald H. Reigel, M.D.

“A groundbreaking educational guidebook and its compelling companion video...two essential resources for the inclusive classroom”.