Depending on the type of spina bifida that your child is diagnosed with, a neurosurgeon may be required to operate on your child within 24-72 hours after birth to close your child^s back.  Therefore, you will want to make an appointment with a pediatric neurosurgeon before your child^s birth to discuss the surgery(ies) and treatments.  

Make sure that you are comfortable with the doctor and that you have all of your questions answered before your delivery.  The same doctor will also place your child^s the shunt in a separate surgery, if needed.. 

At Children^s Hospital of Buffalo, the neurosurgeons are Dr. Veetai Li and Dr. Curtis Rozzelle.  They can be reached at 716-888-3843 for appointments.

You should also contact your pediatrician to let them know that your child has been diagnosed with spina bifida.  Ask your doctor if they have treated a child with spina bifida in the past to ensure that your child will be treated by an experienced doctor.  Although, your child will have a team of specialists outside of your pediatrician^s office caring for them, your pediatrician will be responsible for following your child as well.